Water and Sewer Connections

All new housing and business developments need water connections. This means that any building work relies on the network of pipes, reservoirs, treatment plants and other facilities that provide clean water and dispose of sewage and other waste.

We offer a comprehensive range of water supply design and distribution services and regularly works with water companies, private developers and other consultancies on a variety of schemes including pipeline design, meter installation and connection details.

Our Water and Wastewater Connections Service can help our clients to ensure that they have the appropriate type of connections by providing the following:

  • design service for water and sewerage schemes from new builds, refurbishments and extensions
  • water service connection applications
  • wastewater service connection applications
  • applications for electricity, gas and BT connections.
  • design on on-site drainage systems
  •  full specification and tender documentation, tender analysis, project monitoring and contract management.

In some cases, the demand for water and wastewater connections can be met by the existing infrastructure. But where there is limited capacity, upgrades and extensions to the network may be needed.

WIRS Water Connections as recognised by Scottish Water

Based in The Scottish Borders, our connections service can help you to identify the water and wastewater requirements and ensure you have the right solution.

We are currently undergoing the accreditation process under the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS). This will mean that our services will be recognised by all water utilities and Scottish Water.

From April 2013, WIRS will be a requirement for all water connections, covering:

  • household standard
  • household non-standard
  • non-household standard
  • non-household non-standard
  • mixed household and non-household
  • facilitation
  • temporary water connections

Our accreditation under the scheme brings the following benefits for our clients, who will have the reassurance of knowing that our services have:

  • gone through an independent assessment and registration process
  • received an accreditation mark that represents the achievement of a high technical, quality and safety standard
  •  obtained a Lloyd’s Register website listing as a registered service provider.

In addition, the Water Connections Code for Scotland outlines the requirements for accredited Utility Connection Providers (UCP) such as Andrew Maclean undertaking new water supply connections in Scotland.

This code provides the framework for UCPs undertaking household and non-household connection activities in Scotland. It includes all stages of connection activities from the application and planning stage through to notifications, site visits, testing, physical installations, changes, and the reporting of the completed works.

Our clients can be assured that our Water and Wastewater Connections service has gone through rigorous examination and accreditation processes and provides a high quality, professional and efficient service to meet their specific requirements.